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  1. Blandine Casen is a french linguist and videoartist living in Berlin. After teaching languages (French and German) in Germany, Colombia and France, she now focuses exclusively on video. Since 2007, she practices video in its different forms: she films, edits, produces and realizes video installations for different types of artistic projects. In Colombia, she carries out documentation work on a traditional indigenous dance of the Colombian Amazon: "El baile del chontaduro". In Bogotá, she is part of the collective of artists and organizers of the festival of electronic music and visual arts "Bogotrax" and organizes parallel workshops of music, visual arts, dance, theater in the prison.

    In Berlin, she is a member of the artist collective "x-tractor" for which she produces audiovisual sets and video installations for theatrical performances and musical events. She also films concerts, performances, circus performances.

    At the same time, she teaches video art to young people during circus exchanges (Scene 5, Zirkus Zack). For the past three years, she has been producing educational videos as part of Franco-German meetings of professionals in art education co-organized by Zirkus Zack of Berlin and the Center for Sport and Youth of Corsica.