– Residency im Ausland-Berlin, Dec. 2022 –

“the (F)UNFAIR” is an interdisciplinary art project, a decentralized attraction park in public space that oscillates between installative performance and an amusement park.

Inspired by earlier scientific fairground attractions, apparatuses and artifacts are developed with elements of the visual, performing and musical arts, which are played with by performers in public space, “the (F)UNFAIR” moves in the fields of tension between digital/analogization, art/entertainment/tourism and participation in democracy/city/theater. Performances, objects and automata will be developed that open up playful spaces for participation, interaction and collaboration.

A strong focus is put on the responsibility towards the content of the attractions, thus exploring the fine line between entertainment and art. Especially in times of uncertain assembly possibilities (Covid-19,20,21,22, 23?), the project “the (F)UNFAIR” aims to offer the possibility to develop mobile and adaptable performance forms. They are decentralized and can adapt to the respective hygiene regulations.

Concept, writing, realisation:

Thanks to: Ausland-Berlin, Ruth.