Multimadeira Residency | Superstition - Automat #1 - 2016.

- Home made personal future prediction vending machine - >> video link youtube

SUPERstition is semi-intelligent, advanced algorithm autonomous entity. It is designed to process multiple Personal Body and Health (PBH) readings and map them to the Stellar System State (SSS) data in order to perform Associative Remote Viewing (ARV).

SUPERstition has to be seen as the first step of a research exploring the possibilities of developing self made vending automats based on simple Arduino microcontroller systems. 

The product of this research, the SUPERstition machine has been exposed publicly and offered for usage only once in this century on Madeira Island in January 2016.

with: Karkatag Collective

thanks to: www.multimadeira.com

Shadow Carussel | PROPOSAL - Belluard Bollwerk Festival 2016

"Atelier Terre Claire is for several years exploring the topic of fun fairs, their elements, machines, traditions. The research on fun fair is a fruitful source of participatory structures, mechanisms and also a very inspirational point for contemporary art/architecture experiments.
The first carussel experiment was made in 2012 and resulted in the production of an actual scale model that was exhibited and used in various contexts in past years.

The project Shadow Carousel is based on an existing structure of a self built carousel - 3m diameter - that would transform into a living sculpture, growing and decreasing on the spot. It is imagined as a participatory artwork in the public space that would, by using the rotation mechanism of the carousel, play with lights and generate a specific bigger scale shadow art experience. The construction process is open and visible, with the clear aim to encourage public, passers-by,tourists or visitors to take part.

The artwork consists of a mechanized rotational platform on which layer after layer objects would be sequentially added (by artists and audience). The project goes on utill the acheived three dimensional rotational form starts to generete motion picture shadow show on the surrounding facades.

The nature of the work is highly site-specific and the choice of the location and the topography of building faces (merging of the diverse media with textures, colours, volumes) should contribute to the final image."

text: Ana Dimitrijevic

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