CV Terrien Claire

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CV Terrien Claire

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* Postdiplom « Art in Public Spaces » | FAIAR, Marseille (FR), 2008.   [www.faiar.org]
* Dipl.-Ing. Architect, TU-Berlin, 2007
* Metalwork Apprenticeship | Atelier St37, Berlin (DE), 2002.  [st37-berlin.de]
* Theater Appentriceship | Compagnie Blanc-Foncé, France, 1996-99.


- French (native), German and Englisch (fluent, written and spoken)
- Spanish, Serbo-croatian, Italian, Polish (basics, spoken)
- Autocad, Adobe Suite, various lightprogramms and consoles (a.o. Lanbox)
- programmation (basics, arduino, puredata)
- metall & wood work, models, welding

- CE driving licence

performances - selection

2017 | Concept, Performance & Scenography for „Unmeasurement“, a series of spatial experimentations in-situ. (Artist-in-residence at Schloss Bröllin, Magacin Belgrade, Ausland-Berlin)       [www.pomc-prod.de/unmeasurement]

2010-11 | Concept, Performance, Light & object design for „DenKubenFolgen“, an in-situ dance production with interactive lightobjects (Luminale Frankfurt, Neglected Ausstellung)     [www.denkubenfolgen.blogspot.com]

2009-11 | Performance, Visuals, Light & Multimedia Installations for various performances of the Compagnie „Cercle des Arts et Science Fiction PORCOPOLIS“ / Regie: Berta Tarragó. In-situ slide projector installation for the production „CRITCRU“, presented at „Festival International de Théatre de Rue Aurillac - IN“. Funded by Ministère de la Culture Francaise and supported from Festival Pronomades, Parapluie Aurillac, POLAU Tours, Festival Escena Poblenou Barcelona.  [www.porcopolis.org]
* Nomination „10. Prix de Projectes d‘Arts Escèniques“ Lleida 2009 (SP)

2008-10 | Performance, Set design (live constructions) with Cie „PaperGlue’n’Scotch“/ Regie: Lili Jenks. Set design for shortfilms based on streetart interventions in various festivals: Mira Miro Festival - Gent (BE), Passportprogramm Oerol Festival - Terschelling (NL),  Festival „Scènes de rue“, Mulhouse (FR). [www.lilipolis.org]

2005-08 | Performance, Scenography and object design with KIEZTOGO e.V. - Berlin. Concept and design of mobile furniture for theatrical interventions in the public space. „Utopia, Expedition into the meantime“, „Ignaz“, „Gladow-Bande“ [kieztogo.de]

productions - selection

2017 | Set & Light design (realisation) for „FUN!“, a dance performance for 5 performers about amusement parks. Premiere in June at Tanzhaus Zürich (Südpol Luzern/ Kaserne Basel/ Dampfzentrale Bern (CH), « Uzes Danse »(FR), Berlin (DE), 2017) [www.leamoro.com]

2016 | Light & Interaction Design for „the Machine - Sweat & Glitter“, a contemporary circus participatory performance, in collaboration with Karkatag Kollektiv (SRB) & Collectif&then (UK). Programmation (Arduino/Pure Data) of a light and sound controldesk used by the audience. Premiered in Sept. at [The Pit - Barbican Center London] [karkatag.org]

2015 | Scenography & Light design with Bruno Pocheron for „(Pret)posljednja panda ili statika“, a piece written by Dino Pešut about the life of the 90‘s generation, that cannot find a place in a society lacking ideals. Repertoire piece in ZKM, Zagreb Youth Theater (HR).
Regie : Saša Božic  [zekaem.hr]

2013 | Scenography & Light Design for „Wunderwagen“, with the Cie  „K.I.E.Z. to Go“. Régie: C. Wiegand. Intimate theater piece where the public sits in wagons placed on different spots in the city. Funded by Bezirkskulturfonds Lichtenberg, HoWoGe, Kiezfonds.

2012-13 | Scenography, concept and construction of the stage design for the outdoor circus and aerialtheater piece «Vintage Women Variété». Special construction of suspended interactive objects. Design of the accompanying exhibition about „women in circus“.  Idea/Concept: Jana Korb / Regie: C.Wiegand (Zirkart Festival, Fun Fatale Prag, Kulturbörse Freiburg, touring since 2013)  [vintage-women-variete.blogspot.com]

2012 | Lightdesign for «Still Moving Talkshow» from Jasna L.Vinovrski (HR)
at HZT-Uferstudios, Berlin / Dance Festival, Zagreb  [hzt-berlin.de] [publicinprivate.com]

other projects - selection

2012 - 2018 | Project management, Co curator villa kuriosum
Artistic co-direction of festivals, exhibitions, concerts, performances.

2016 | Multimadeira Residency | Design, programmation and contruction of an automated prototyp for „new situations in public spaces“, with Karkatag Kollektiv (SRB) [karkatag.org]

2010 - 2016 | Project management Circusbiennale / charivari’s Circus & Art Festival
Artistic and technical co-direction of the festival, Light- & Graficdesign.

2005-06 | with Ateliers Stark | Installations in urban space
Artistic renovation of a railway platform for the “Heavy Industry Museum” in Oberhausen. Concept and executional design of sculptures made with objects from the heavy industry,  light installation, new graphic identity of the museum. [kitev.de]
* Distinction Marianne-Brandt Contest 2007 // 1. Price „Museumsbahnsteig“ Competition

workshops - selection

2015 | „Bogolin - mechanical theater“ - creation of animated objects for a circus show with teenagers from Colombia, France and Germany. In cooperation with Zirkus Zack. Funded by bkj, OFAJ,  [vuesch.org/zack]

2014 | „mechanical art workshop“, Svilajnac (SRB) - „summer school“ with young adults between 18 and 30. Construction of artistic interactiv machines for the public space. In cooperation with serbian collectiv Karkatag. Funded by europan programm „Youth in Action“ with the support from Goethe Institut Belgrade. [karkatag.org]

2014 | „Karussellpferd küsst Prinzessin“, Berlin - artistic construction workshop with girls aged form 6 to 14 yars old building new creatures for a self made caroussel. In cooperation zw. SCENE5 e.V., Material Mafia (Katja von Helldorf) und das Mädchen Zentrum Phantalisa. Funded by „Fonds kulturelle Bildung Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg“.

2012 | Carcel Distrital Bogotà - Projections and shadow play with the prisoners for a self created show during the „Bogotrax“ Fstival in Colombia.

light design, light installations, light objects

since 2002 for & with:

> Various dance, circus and in-situ productions: „Breaching Stillness“ - Lea Moro | „Supernatural“ - Simone Aughterlony | „TITLE“ - Clement Layes | „Krump“,  „Festina Lente“ - Cie Shifts | „We to be“- Mette Edvardsen | „Repeater“, MARTIN NACHBAR | Cie Porcopolis | Circus Charivari | FAIAR | K.I.E.Z. to Go e.V. | «Kunst-Aufbruch-Stadt»

> Artists: Anselm Reyle, Florian Bach, Liam Gillick, Gretchen Blegen, Lena Gaetjens.

FESTIVALS | artist-in-Residence | exhibitions - selection

* 2017 // Tanztage Berlin - DE // AiR Tanzhaus Zürich - CH // AiR Schloss Bröllin - DE // AiR Magacin Belgrade - SRB // AiR Ausland Berlin - DE

* 2016 // AiR Multimadeira - PT // AiR Limited Access Festival Tehran -IR // Impuls Tanz Festival Vienna - AT // Batard Festival in Amsterdam // Festival Circusbiennale Berlin - DE

* 2015 // Danceweekfestival Zagreb - HR / Stamsund Teaterfestival - NO / Marseille - 48h Berlin - FR // L’Européenne de cirques Toulouse - FR

* 2014 // AiR Gangplank Residency Teatar&TD Zagreb -HR // AiR Prakser Makerspace Belgrade - SRB // Festival Circusbiennale In-situ Berlin - DE

* 2013 // AiR Cirkobalkana Belgrade - SRB * 2012 // AiR Festival Bogotrax Bogotà - COL // Festival Circusbiennale Villa Kurosum Berlin - DE * 2011 // Festival IN, AiR Le Parapluie Aurillac - FR // Denkubenfolgen at exhibition NEGLECTED // «Freakpark» at Musterhaus // «FreakstoGo» at Galerie Territorium, Berlin - DE * 2010 // Luminale Frankfurt - DE // AiR Festival Mira Miro Gent - BE  * 2009 // Festival «Escena Poblenou», Barcelona - SP / Festival « Préavis de désordre urbain », Marseille - FR // AiR Oerol Festival, Terschelling  - NL / «Scènes de rue», Mulhouse - FR // Sirène & Midi Net, Marseille - FR * 2008 // AiR Parapluie, Aurillac - FR / AiR by Company Els Comediants - SP * 1999 // Festival International de theatre de rue, Aurillac - FR

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