Festival MASTERWORKS 3.99€ - Limited Edition - 2012

HZT - MA Choreography in the Uferstudios - Berlin | www.hzt-berlin.de / www.uferstudios.com

Lightdesign & Technical direction

"Live to Tape, a still moving Talkshow" - Jasna L. Vinovrski [Cie Public in private]

Première Mai 2012 ZPC Zagreb: www.plesnicentar.info

- Talkshow. First neutral. Space and lights organisation is circular. Each PAR of the circle can also become a focal point. Differentiated colour atmospheres underline each of both moderators personality, maybe like a painting of showbusiness. Cueing on demand, live in the studio.

 "Never live twice" - Zeina Hanna - Uraufführung

Lights are participating to the dialog between performer bodies, objects and the space. The theatral lights are faking, calculating, disappearing and reappearing in front of a subtile natural lighting coming from outside the theater world.

Built with Berta.me