Is the promise of yesterday today´s future ?

"Collagelab" - Post-capitalist city, idea competition "move", 2013.

Tai Schomaker & Claire Terrien. Not selected.

Once upon a time was a society dreaming faster, higher, bigger. Black gold made it possible. Black gold was promised to last forever. More cars were produced, more streets were built and more oil was sold. In most big cities ring roads were built from the 1950's, intended to speed up, or encourage traffic. These roads walled the centers. In Berlin, because of the division, only half of the ring was built...

Once upon a time existed a forgotten place, a paradise garden where east german children could get closer to nature. GDR disappeared, and this garden with its little house became a forgotten place, an unused paradise garden situated next to the S-Bahn Ring. A few years ago, a cultural association started to use it for cultural events. To rent this place was made possible because the city reserved it for infrastructure development, so called "Zwischennutzung" (temporary use). Since the completion of the city ring has been promised and is in progress, the cultural area might have to make room someday...


The project deals with possible ways of action, adaptation and anticipation towards the promise of the completed ring road. It is a strategy to avoid moving always from one waste land to the next, each time more directed to the outskirts. It is also about acting before having to react.

The idea is to build a Tankstelle (gas station) in anticipation of the eventuality of the future infrastructure. A Tankstelle with its typological and architectural elements : free (illuminated) roof , columns, gas pumps and snack shop. Under this roof, meant as an extension of the existing house, the cultural association will continue to propose even bigger public events: exhibitions, concerts, performances. The Tankstelle roof design is intended as Do-It-Yourself and could be built with easy means, out of random wood boards connected in the most elementary triangle geometry. This gas station of the future is not only a Tankstelle but also a Tankszene (refill stage), not performing for cars but for humans.

If the promise gets fulfilled, the place could adapt to the new ring road and evaluate, hosting a mix-use of refillment and culture. Creative people could sell local agri-cultural goods to an increasingly global audience (EasyJetSet, nomads, businessmen,...). Travellers and commuters passing by, could enjoy drive-in cinema, an exhibition or a concert. Because of good transportation connections and interesting activities, the place will become an important urban gate, ideally situated in the city. Who knows, a new S-Bahn stop could rise for this strategical place.

If promises get wrong, it will happen what will happen.

Is the promise of yesterday today´s future ?


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