Mai/Juni 2021 @ Kunstraum m3/berlin

*featuring “Hommage an Xenakis”:

Filmed from 14m high in the flying trapez silo in Bröllin, the performance is a trial of space composition starting from the partition Metastaseis (1953) mesures 317-333 by Iannis Xenakis. Both the performer (Claire Terrien) and the musician (Unterlala) took this partition as a common starting point for improvisation.

**An exhibition by: Blandine Casen / Caroline Cecilia Tallone / Ana Maria Millán / Daniel Desiderio Páez / Ephemeral Tomorrow / Luis Bustamante + Sofia Clonn

**Opening Times: Thu – Sa. 16:00 -19:00**

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Six households related to artistic practice, come together after a year of lock down, growing uncertainty and apocalyptic visions. The purpose: to rearticulate by free means, and within a small exhibition space, different interpretations of what they experienced on emotional and personal levels. What might they tell us about their perception of space and time after this not-so-subtle change of paradigm? What was, and is, their relationship to a Dystopia that hardly feels as real from our privileged context on a privileged geolocation? Why we elaborate and fantasize more than ever with the end of our time while choosing to ignore our role in the process of self-destruction?