Blandine Casen is a french video-artist and linguist who currently lives in Berlin. She studied linguistics and germanistic in France and Germany. She lived and worked as a langage teacher in Germany, France and Colombia.

Multidisciplinary artist, she began to handle with video art in Berlin in 2007.
She performs her audiovisuals sets, films and edits all kind of events (circus shows, concerts, performances, theater…) and collabores with performers to edit experimental videos and realise video installations.
In Bogotà, she was part of the collectiv Bogotrax which organise a 10 days festival of experimental music and video art.
In Berlin, she is part of the audiovisual collectiv xtractor. Since 2009, she is broadcasting videotransmissions for a free tv on internet []. She is also part of the performing collectiv Pomc-prod []
In France, she is part of the women performing art compagnie la fêlure []

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