Das Zeitalter der Minimantis

Kung-fu film (15min) produced with the Minimantis crew thanks to Johanna David. Berlin 2021-2022.

Plankton TV

Shortfilm about microscopic planktons. A crew of planktons drifting in the ocean tries to broadcast their pirate music show in form of bubbles
Production of Mottili Theater, Berlin 2021- 2022

Abspannvideo von der Show: generation Zück

Abspannvideo von der Zück Show: Generation Zück
Berlin, Juni 2022

Amazonen, Suffragetten und Punketten

Video clip of Option Weg
Berlin march 2021


This exquisite corpse was conceived collectively in April 2020, during the Covid 19 outbreak in Berlin.

OFNI – La Fêlure

Objet Filmique non identifié – La fêlure
Berlin 2017 Objet Filmique Non Identifié – compagnie la fêlure
featuring Rieko Okuda
Villa Kuriosum Berlin, Septembre 2017

Tutorial: Metall bohren

Berlin, July 2020, für “she*fix”
Ein Loch im Metall bohren – Anleitung für Anfänger*innen: Welchen Werkzeug und auf was ihr achtet sollen…. Viel Spass, make holes everywhere!!

Long length – Angst verdirbt den Charakter

Ein luftartistisches Solo mit vielen Worten…
Kamera und Edition
September 2020


Unmeasuring with chalk line

Filmed from 14m high in the flying trapez silo in Bröllin, the performance is a trial of space composition starting from the partition Metastasis (1953) mesures 317-333 by Iannis Xenakis.
Both the performer and the musician took this partition as a common starting point for improvisation.

performance: claire terrien with a chalk line (schlagschnur)
video (film & editing): blandine casen

Welding Performance

Welding and Music Performance in the Villa Kuriosum, Berlin September 2015 with the participation of: Ememe and Marcello S. Busato (Music performance) Claire Terrien and Julius Lanke (welding performance) Blandine Casen and Nicolas Berger (camera) Nathalie Ponneau (sound recording)

soeurs – la fêlure

video, compagnie la fêlure
texte issu de “nos cabanes” de Marielle Macé.

El baile del Chontaduro

El baile del chontaduro,
A Documentary about the “Chontaduro’s Dance” in the colombian Amazon for the indigenous community’s archives. On the idea of Rafael Castellanos and Jose Muca in Leticia, Colombia, 2015
Cameras: Manuela Henao Osorno, Blandine Casen
Video Editing: Blandine Casen
Sound Editing: Marcello S. Busato
Production: Rafael Castellanos

El Guayabo Monumental

El guayabo monumental, 2016

La quête de la mariée

RAW Tempel, Berlin, 2008 Video by Dr Floy / KalmaT