video art & documentation

Berlin 2017 Objet Filmique Non Identifié – compagnie la fêlure
featuring Rieko Okuda
Villa Kuriosum Berlin, Septembre 2017

Unmeasuring with chalk line

Filmed from 14m high in the flying trapez silo in Bröllin, the performance is a trial of space composition starting from the partition Metastaseis (1953) mesures 317-333 by Iannis Xenakis.
Both the performer and the musician took this partition as a common starting point for improvisation.

performance: claire terrien with a chalk line (schlagschnur)
video (film & editing): blandine casen

Welding and Music Performance in the Villa Kuriosum, Berlin September 2015 with the participation of: Ememe and Marcello S. Busato (Music performance) Claire Terrien and Julius Lanke (welding performance) Blandine Casen and Nicolas Berger (camera) Nathalie Ponneau (sound recording)

El baile del chontaduro,
A Documentary about the “Chontaduro’s Dance” in the colombian Amazon for the indigenous community’s archives. On the idea of Rafael Castellanos and Jose Muca in Leticia, Colombia, 2015
Cameras: Manuela Henao Osorno, Blandine Casen
Video Editing: Blandine Casen
Sound Editing: Marcello S. Busato
Production: Rafael Castellanos

El guayabo monumental, 2016

RAW Tempel, Berlin, 2008 Video by Dr Floy / KalmaT