Holzdruck, Performance & Parade - June 2013

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The charivari project mixes the visual arts with circus diciplines to create a modern "art" carnival. It is an interdisciplinary creation, in which artists from different backgrounds come together to perform a version of an early 20th century freak show. A constant work in progress and a mutating piece, Charivari places the importance on the creative process rather than on a final result.

It is a day to day experience, exists in the moment, and can change shape and direction depending on its surroundings. With its blend of open studio and zoo-like installations, it invites the spectators to daily visit and witness the evolution of so-called Freaks.

"curiosities & realities"

Charivari's Freaks is a collective of international freelance artists, who consider themselves performers of their daily lives as well as within their artistic skills. Our work is interdisciplinary and our artistic branches are various: fine arts (screen printing, painting, drawing), sculpture, costume design, stage and light design, music, photography, circus arts, theater.

We mainly focus on individuality and authenticity to be able to touch our audience. We consent to expose the society how we live as artists, we will not separate our everyday live from art.

The collective is performing in different places like galleries or festivals. Mostly based in Berlin, we also perform with other circus collectives, particularly in the Balkans (Cirkobalkana).

Lightdesign "Freakpark" 2011

Livreto, 2012.

Graphic design Pressemappe, 2012

Project Co-direction & Performance - 2010-12

flyers exhibitions, 2011.


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