Graphic Design - Program & Poster -


Artistic Co-direction of the festival programm | Technical Direction

Graphic Design - Program & Poster -


CIRCUS CHARIVARI  2010 - Helsingforserstr.

Artistic & technic Co-direction of the festival programm

- with Zirkus Zack & SCENE 5 e.V., Berlin, 2010.



Graphic Design Program, Posters & Documentation

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Artistic & Technical Co-direction - 2010 | 2012 | 2014 | 2016

circusbiennale - avant-garde circus and contemporary art in dialog -

Circusbiennale is a platform for contemporary circus and performance art, happening every 2 years in various places across the city of Berlin. The festival is organised and produced independently by Charivari Art Collective in collaboration with the socio-cultural association SCENE5 and supported by different partner projects from across europe and specially collectives from Spain, France and Serbia.

The festival lasts for 2 weeks, as a temporary artistic zone where artists, musicians, performers, skilled and newcomers gather and have the opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledges, to develop their works and present it. During its busy days, Circusbiennale, full with enthusiastic audience and its humble crowd creates a chance for new realities to emerge and for creative adventures to be realized.

We aim to instore new dynamics between the performers and the audience by proposing various formats for the shows: site specific installations, cabaret stage, street shows, work in progress or full length pieces.

Through the incorporation of more participatory projects, which engages the public further that just to be entertained, we want to break the border between viewers and actors and encourage the audience to actively take part in the process.

We focus and encourage the interdisciplinary approach in the circus context to establish  a platform for dialogue with other forms, disciplines and discourses from contemporary culture, including the historical heritage of traditional circuses.


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